Monday, August 29, 2016

Just feel like sharing my 2 cents...

Seriously, who in this day and age still picks up pennies when they see them on the ground?  If I did, I may have even more than two cents to share but, today while leaving the gas station I noticed a dime on the ground and I walked right over it.

It still kind of bugs me....there was a time when I would pick up any and every coin I found and yet I didn't today.  Why?  Who knows.....I think part of me thought "Oh, the germs!"  So many people have probably walked on the coin and think of all those germs!  (And then another part of me thought, "What would others say if they noticed a 47 year old woman stopping mid-step to pick up .10?" )

And now I think WHO CARES what others would think and thank goodness I didn't pick it up because I have watched Dr. Oz do the 5 second drop rule thing....on food...and the germs food can pick up from simply a 5 second touch is disgusting.  Imagine the germs on the dime ~ and who knows how long it laid there.

Whew!! Saved myself a million anxiety thoughts from the hypochondriac part of my brain. ;-)

**** I saw a quick headline on the internet about a guy who got 1 penny from 2.5 million people....???? Really??? How much money would that be??  Maybe I need to start a specific savings jar of "Only money I found/picked off the ground" and after a year I would like to see the total I would acquire.  Hmmm, I think I just found my 2017 New Year's Resolution...and this may be one resolution I stick with!****

And why is it that one day you can be SO productive and the next day not?  

Yesterday was the most productive I have been in a long time.  I think I was busy from the time I woke up until 7:00pm.  Painting, laundry, cooking, cleaning out the garage, gathering items to be given to the Good will and ending with a strength training class at the Y.  (Kind of getting tired just thinking about it again)

However, today I got up to go to a cycle class from 6-6:45 and since then I have been a puddle.  Yes, I did a few things but nothing major and really just moving from one chair to a couch to another chair through out the day.

Alas, things are about to change for the better .....I have a 3-hour shift at the Y from 4:30-7:30pm tonight.  It will do my butt good to get off of it for that time; play with the kids and catch up with my co-workers.

Hard to believe its the last Monday of Monday is Labor Day and then school and more specifically MY PRESCHOOL starts again.  Busy, Busy, busy!!

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