Saturday, July 2, 2016

One sentence per RANDOM pictures from my phone...

Whenever I open my sunroof and drive the hair tries to escape through it...I can only imagine what other drivers think of my fashion sense.

H&M, Old Navy, Nordstrom Rack, and NYC were all having awesome sales and since every one else was heading to their cabin I pretty much had the stores to myself.

One of my anxiety triggers happens to be all the "family treasures" my hubby has kept for years in random spots through out the basement.  After sharing my thoughts to rid our basement of such items due to the anxiety it brings, hubby shared that the idea of purging those items also brings him anxiety.

If I can't toss it I might as well display it.....welcome to my pilgrim!  What do you think "treasure" or "trash"?

Owen relaxing up north at his cousins.  

 Only hubby will appreciate this one....proof the dog is getting use to his kennel??? I put this towel in the kennel with him last night (in the past most towels or blankets end up being shredded by morning so we quit trying to make it comfy).  I was shocked when I took it out and it was in ONE piece!

Well, maybe more than one sentence here and there by who ever said I follow my own rules?  I am off to Menards to buy spray paint....I will be taking before and after should be interesting.  

And then because I was so stoked with some of the shirt bargains I found I am going to go back and get a few more.  ;-)

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