Saturday, July 9, 2016

My flashback yesterday was to 2015 ...but I guess I should have went all the way to 2010...

Funny (as in coincidence funny not ha! ha! funny)...but just the other day I asked hubby how long it had been since HE was in the hospital and had not days but weeks of steroids, tests, and blood transfusions while the doctors tried to figure out what was the root of the hemolytic anemia causing HIS immune system to act like a person's body who has AIDS.  (or so that is what the doctors said then.....)

He said it was the summer of he would never forget.  I, on the other hand, am not so good with remembering dates and years of past experiences and honestly, there have been times I have to pause to think which kids' birthday is the 20th, 23rd, or 27th....why all my kiddos had to be born in the 20's I will never know?? 

So lets have a little Saturday~ summer ~ shot ~ or time machine trip to THAT year.....a flash back if you will....because the CRuiSE NIGHT never happened last night.....

Owen, Kenzie, and Coley above and the girls with their cousin Ethan below.

Instead, hubby went to his yearly check up yesterday.  His oncologist that he had from 2010 has been routinely (yearly) visiting with him just to make sure all is well.  It had been.  Then, the fluke blood issues started up with Nicole this last year so when they (our family doctor) asked us if we had an oncologist we wanted to see or they would refer us to one; we immediately said we did, and to their surprise we started conversing with the same doctor for Nicole as hubby had years earlier.

Sorry simple rambling there.....back to hubby's appt. yesterday...and after blood tests were finished and the results were in HE TOO HAD LOW PLATELETS!!!! 

Seriously!  I would and could not make this stuff up!

All the other blood work came back great.  He has never had low platelets.  That is not part of the hemolytic anemia THAT is ITP....the other blood disorder....and NOW HE HAS THAT??? How is this possible?

He had a virus recently and she -doctor-thinks the virus caused his immune system to react this way....

Any way, the average numbers are 150, 000-400,000 his number was 2,000.  And with that you are awarded a hospital room, platelet transfusion and steroids!! 

So who is next in the family??? 

I hate to say it but I am kind of feeling left out of the loop here........I know it sounds horrible and I feel horrible even thinking it but, shortly after hubby left I went to the bathroom.  (you will see my point in sharing in a sec.....)

I flushed the toilet and water spouted everywhere.....NOOOOO, I CAN'T HANDLE THIS RIGHT NOW!!!

(Our a/c went out this past week too....we have until the 15th for the new one to be installed.  About 2 weeks ago our washing machine died....THEN add on the stress of Nicole's blood ups and downs ~ hubby heading to the hospital as I literally flush and now I have water flowing like Niagara Falls....really ???? I don't even want to ask .....What could be next???)

It's 2:30 on a Friday afternoon what plumber is going to be available?? ** I want to cry.  I want a beer.  I want ice cream...Yes, I am emotional let me be!**

Really I want to cry......

But, I handle it as always.  I call a plumber and he can be out between 3-5PM.  He says we need a new valve, tank plumbing and screws are rusted/leaky...the system is probably 20 years old and like many other appliances lately I guess 20 years is the max and its time to replace.  He will be back Monday afternoon to replace all for a mere $ is what it is...we are not plumbers so we pay what they say.  

I am feeling a little depressed....good thing the girls are out with friends enjoying cruise night downtown.  Good thing Owen happens to have a friend over and they have no idea what is going on around them.  

I know, I know.....its not about ME.  I just have to change my attitude...have an attitude of gratitude or something... but its hard sometimes.  I know I should look at all the positives...and there are many....but I feel the weight of every thing sometimes and I cannot do it all.  

In fact, I don't want to do it all....turn that frown upside happy...exercise will make you feel better (No, I want ice cream and then I want to be mad after I eat it because now I am bloated and feeling worse)....

I am trying...I know no one chooses to have low platelets.  No one says on a Friday morning when asked what they want to do this weekend, "I want to be admitted to a hospital so I can get an IV of steroids for hours!!"  I know.

Give me time .... 

this too shall pass.....

It has to.....

I have a swim meet to go to and laundry isn't going to get clean on its own.  ;-)

Like I have said before....this blog is my therapy, my open diary, my thoughts, my memories and in my weird way it lets me vent and/or get things off my chest that I would just stuff down inside otherwise....I don't mean to offend anyone in the process so please don't take it that way. 

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