Monday, July 11, 2016

just a quick note .....yes, I am still alive...and her ITP dropped again!

Well, this week has been nothing to write home about but definitely something to cry about.  And yes, actually I have found my emotions to be all over the place which causes the tears to flow when I start talking about e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. that has happened these past 12 days or so.

I cried alone.

I cried at church.  A lot.  I didn't share this before but Sunday was the final day that my FAVORITE PASTOR EVER would be preaching.  As it goes pastors get called to new churches, venues, promotions, services.  I don't know the percentage of how many "accept" or "decline" the call but, after weeks of "Prayerfully considering" by Pastor Bob and thinking about his age, his responsibilities, the new adventure, etc....he chose to accept the call.


Pastor Bob had been our Senior Pastor for 8 years and yes, I grew to LOVE his sermons, his way of sharing the bible, and his way of connecting the message to every day life.

The final service was complete with HIS favorite songs and a final farewell song sung by the adult choir.  "The A Team of singers if you will".  ;-)  Oh, my gosh that song was sooo touching!! And those lyrics along with the stressors of MY week proved to be a recipe for an emotional release.

Once the tears started I kind of couldn't stop them.  So I did what I like to think most would do in that same situation..................**Think about the lights...are they dusty? do they change those light bulbs way up there?...Think about any thing else....Don't look at Pastor Bob (more tears)....Look at the kids (they are goofing around and have no idea what is happening)....its' hot....time to fan myself....Is this song over yet??? Is any one else crying like this?  Is anyone else looking at me?  Hey Makenzie do I have red blotches all over my nose?  Around my eyes?  Really is this song over yet?? *** ...................Whew! Made it......

Next it was time for his reception brunch.   We ate a light meal, heard a few short and very heartwarming stories about Pastor Bob, and he shared his final thoughts.  More tears. More fanning.  More appreciation for the man and the fact that he seemed to make an impact on everyone  just as he had made an impact on me.

By that evening I called my mom to tell her about my weekend. 

Yep, I cried again!!

I didn't look at my eyes but by morning they were kind of puffy and I thought they had "the look" of someone who had been crying.  Oh well, off to the hospital with Nicole for a blood draw because by Sunday night HER bruising AND Petechia (small pin point rash) came back!!!!

ITP ...ugh!  Platelets down to 8,000 on a scale of 150,000-400,000. 

We met with the doctor...and guess what?????

 I CRIED!!!! (are you seeing this pattern?)

Life has taken its toll on me.   But, at this very minute I feel better.  ;-)

We are starting a new plan of attack on this ITP with Nicole.  80 mg. of Prednisone for 3 weeks....yikes!  I feel for her but it has to be done at this point.  We will ween off after that, more blood tests, and reevaluate again....

**What's ironic about the drop in her platelets is that each time it has happened it has been on day 2 of her menstrual cycle.**Hmmm, coincidence????  I like to think there could be a relationship there that we are missing....we will continue to take notes and watch it.

Until then we are just trying to survive until Friday.....when we get our new air conditioning system.

Right now its 87 degrees in our house ...

hot is an understatement ....

sweaty is the new black!

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