Friday, July 8, 2016

Flashback Friday and a book I am loving....

First lets start with the book ~ why not right?  Flashbacks can be a bit freaky so to begin a new is freeing.  Freeing in the sense that when ever we start something new its fun, its exciting, its curious, its scary but its also daring.   

Daring Greatly by Brene' Brown is the book that is all that AND a bag of chips.  (Chocolate chips in my case ~ I am not a huge chip chip kind of gal.....unless, its accompanied by a margarita and salsa then fill my bowl please!) 

Lately I feel like I have been on overload with anxiety and stress but like a typical female I tend to keep most of it inside and its been wrecking havoc on my nerves.  I started Googling books and happen to come across this has been awesome!!

I am about 3/4 the way through it now.  Its becoming full of underlined and "starred" phrases that I want to go back and reread once I am done.  Actually I may just read the entire book again because its that good, helpful and some parts that really "hit home" need to be swallowed up by my brain so I can use the information to its utmost potential!!!!

Friday Flashback....this kind of scares me....tonight is "Cruise Night" in our city.  It's actually been our week of Pan-O-Prog / water carnival / city fun ...what ever YOUR city may call it its the time to bring out the old cars, baby crawl-a-thons, Beer-brats and Bingo, softball tournaments, bowling tournaments, art and craft shows and a parade complete with candy being tossed at your feet to finish it off.  (What could be greater than squished tootsie rolls?? ha!)

So here we are last year.

Some cars are awesome....some are loud...and some are from many years past...
"The Good ol' Days if you will"
After the 2-hour parade of cars and or trucks most park their vehicle on main street (the street closes until 11 pm I think) and it gives the kids and old alike a chance to peak inside some of the classics.
speaking of classics......

What makes me laugh most about these pictures is that we look exactly like this still!! I guess that's good right??? Haven't aged too much, haven't gained that much weight, and we can still drink win!!

Have a great weekend.
The weather is suppose to be 78 and a light breeze today...perfect for being out and about so I better get ready and get out there!! 


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