Monday, June 6, 2016

Tour de Cure done!

Wonderful cause.  Wonderful ride.  Wonderful experience.

I am not a cyclist but I like to ride my bike.

I have always wanted to sign up for some kind of "bike ride" and when friends from my Y talked about putting a team together to raise money for Diabetes and then ride a set number of miles I figured "I'm in!" I really wanted to do the 46 miler but, life comes first and my training took a back seat to other "life stuff" and I decided to scale back to the 31 miler.  

31 miles was a perfect distance for newbies like me. A couple of others from our team that signed up for the 46 miler didn't have as great of an experience due to the directional signage being mixed up.  Was it an organizational fault or a teenager messing with the sign earlier in the day?  Who knows ~ they got a little "off track" and eventually found their way back.  Whew!

Bike Helmets, sweat and some sprinkles are not the prettiest look...

My friend and I rode together the entire time. 

 Selfies at a couple of the refreshment stops were in order, 
and trying not to look too goofy in the helmet didn't work...

After our ride we had an option of 3 lunches.
1.  Hot dog and fixings.
2.  Lasagna, salad and bread
3.  Tacos, beans, rice and couple of chips/salsa

The hot dog line was the shortest so we opted for that did not disappoint...

And after our team members finished their meal we realized there was a BEER TENT. beer ....we're there!!

This happen to be one of the guys in our group...he did the 64 miler and his knees were hurting him so he had to scale back on speed...he also has Diabetes!  All those with Diabetes had the option to pay a little more and get the "Red Rider" bike jersey.  That way you knew who was riding with diabetes and it made it even more special.

Final thoughts:

1.  Thank you if you donated to my race.  It was awesome. YOU are awesome.

2.  Will I do some thing like this again?  YES ~ definitely!

3.  Is it about being the fastest? NO ~ there is a time limit on the course but I believe its 8 mph at the slowest....totally doable for most OR you just pick a shorter route.  

4.  Was it worth it? YES, YES, YES.  This is an event for everyone.  We noticed so many different ages, sizes, groups, families, and individuals out there.... well, organized and for a good cause. 



Alissa A Journey to Thin said...

How cool! I'd love to do something like that.

Love the silly pic of you and your friend. I literally laughed out loud. :)

Wiliam said...

Awesome! Looking at these photos, everyone is really happy. It seems the race is interesting. I like...

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