Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My last post was 2 weeks ago to the day.....time to catch up wouldn't you say???

Some pictures from the last two weeks in no specific order because random is my speciality:

We ~ and by "we" I mean Nicole ~ had another bout with her ITP and a low platelet count.  She was having weekly blood draws ever since her last dip in numbers (about a month ago) and on Friday, June 10th they fell to 8,000.  What scared me a little more was that this time she also developed "Petechiae" *see below for definition* and she had some bruising on her legs.  

We went to the ER again and when they checked her platelets they had decreased to 4,000.  In other words ~  they dropped 4,000 units in about 6 hours...and her prize???? Another night in the hospital to be "watched" and more steroids to get those platelet numbers up!!!  #ITP

I decided to stay over night in the hospital with her this time.  It was very uneventful...I guess that is a good thing....but, by morning it was my turn to relax on the bed rather than the pull out chair.  ;-)
And of course there is always time for silly selfies....even if she didn't want to look.

Fast forward a few days.  More blood draws and a steroid prescription for Nicole.  Much sleep for me. And wow...life was almost back to normal.

That can only mean it was time to head north to wish my dad a Happy Father's Day.  He loves pictures so here I got one of Kenzie, Owen and him as we were waiting for our breakfast at the American Legion.
 And then it was my turn...which as rumor has it, I can never take a normal picture.   Have you seen the movie Napoleon Dynamite?  If so, you may remember my pose.  ;-)   (Napoleon's brother needed his photo taken, to make an ID card, in order to look professional while selling tupperware....he posed with his hand like this...)
 It was a nice breakfast and a nice day for dad.  
Hubby was home enjoying his father's day by watching golf and later the basketball game on t.v.
It was his weekend to mow at the local golf course so he stayed home with the pets and golfed all day Friday.  (Probably had more fun doing that than hanging with us...ha!)

 Finally, it was time to wrap up our long weekend.  But, not before Kenzie took her driver's exam.  We practiced a lot over the weekend and obviously a lot  before heading north so she was certainly prepared for the test.

 It was roughly a 20 minute wait for me while she was out driving and before I knew it she was back and she had passed!! She filled out her paperwork, took her picture and we were ready to pack our things up and head for home.


As I look back now I see why I haven't posted for two weeks.
We have been busy and I am ready for life to slow down a bit.

Does life ever really slow down??  I don't think so...it just changes the level of urgency in which things need to get done.  Next up?  Weeding out the back garden and buying new paint to freshen up our bathroom.  I figure I will be home during the 4th of July so I might as well be busy.


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Alissa A Journey to Thin said...

That must be so scary with your daughter. :( Glad she's doing ok now.

You are keeping very busy! Before me know it, summer will be over.... but let's not talk about that!

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