Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Life: An EMOTIONAL roller coaster ~ unless you are 13 or 51 ....then its just fun!

So this 13 year old happen to have a swim meet last weekend.  It was a crazy weather weekend around here and we weren't sure it would even happen Friday night by the looks of the weather radar. Alas, never judge a night by the radar.....the clouds looked bad, the wind kind of blew, but it ended up being beautiful and loads of fun.

This was a chance photo I grabbed while the boys were swimming warm ups.  Owen is looking straight at me (kind of) in the top photo.  Then my cover was blown.  He gave me the "What are you doing mom?" with hand motions and all when I took the next photo ~ as you can see below.

The meet started and with any meet there is always "down time".  Often and especially during the winter the boys result to their iPads and gaming but its spring and it felt like summer so they actually set down the hand held contraptions and played a little 500 Frisbee style.  YEA for outside time!

Hubby and I happen to be taking a break from our chairs when the boys came out to play.  We were relaxing under a tree, in the shade and I think the boy about died to see us there...on a blanket...together...with our eyes closed.....I know right???

So Ris-kay!

OK...that was then....


this is Today!

 The big guy turned 51!!!!  But, because he has a meeting tonight we got up early and had caramel rolls (aka: his mom's recipe for sticky buns) for breakfast.  He opened a few gifts and I took a few pictures.  The oldest daughter was up too however, since she did not have school she was in pj's and refused to have her picture taken.  Yup, can't blame her this time.....I did not have my picture taken either.  ;-)

And then later in the day the emotional roller coaster went for a ride....

What's up with that???

I will have to get into that story tomorrow because I need another beer to get through tonight....
til then carry on and be strong!!

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Alissa A Journey to Thin said...

Looks like a wonderful time.

How have you been spending your time???

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