Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Duck, duck....No really DUCK!!

My dad was the first to spot the family of ducks hustling alongside his neighbors' house.  Then we all jumped up to see if it was true...a family of ducks.  Not like it was a never before citing but they were pretty close and kind of cute.

If I counted correctly I think there are 9 babies.  Seriously, if I had 9 babies following me I would walk a little faster too.  As soon as the momma realized we were watching them she quickly "ducked" under a bush and disappeared.  

 Any Eric Church fans out there??? If so, Google WE (Western Entertainment) Fest right now and you could see him along with a bunch of other country music stars in Detroit Lakes this summer.  This event started back in 1983 with a WE in '83 slogan and its still going strong in 2016...crazy how one man's idea can blossom.

Then again I guess that is how most idea's happen....you just think of it, act on it, and live it! Wow, who knew .... any one have an idea which would make millions that I can act on and help you live it?

Finally,  I survived the dive bomb twice but I am not going back for a third time.  (They say third times the charm and I don't want my head to be charmed by who know's what kind of bird!!)

Behind the story:

There is a simple paved 4-mile route around my house to walk; mostly sidewalks and one stretch of a paved path by a little swampy marsh land.  I have been walking it lately.  I have never been attacked by a bird but I have heard stories of others being attacked by wild turkeys that live in the swampy stretch.  I have had deer jump out at me but I don't know who was more scared~the deer or me.  

I have seen wounded birds, dead frogs, more ducks and even baby snakes (my skin crawls with the thought of seeing them again).  However, the last couple of times I walked that stretch I was kind of attacked by a strange sneaky creature.  Both times it was in the exact same spot and both times the bird alerted me with a hoarse like clearing of its throat.....WEIRD!!

As soon as I heard the throat noise I felt the "WHOOSH" by the top of my head and then it was gone!  And so was I ~ running away for fear it would land in my head and think my morning hair looked like a nice place to make a nest.

Seriously, I never really saw what it was.  It could have been a hawk for all I know.  It was real and I did not imagine it, TWICE!  There must be a nest of some sort around there that that thing is protecting but I never saw it.  

Today I will be walking a new route.   No crow, hawk, robin or what ever is going to get the best of me.  I am too much of a wimp to let that happen.  ;-)

***UPDATE*** My daughter and I were just driving by that same swampy area and we saw the bird swoop down on another passerby.  (whew! I thought I was the only unlucky one out there) We also saw the bird...it is a red-winged blackbird.  So I googled them and discovered this: The red-winged blackbird aggressively defends its territory from other animals. It will attack much larger birds.[21] Males have been known to swoop at humans who encroach upon their nesting territory during breeding season.[22][23]

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