Saturday, May 7, 2016

What??? Did that really happen last week??

Monday, May 2nd was my dad's 74th birthday, but it also turned out to be the start of quite the adventure for the week.  I got home from work on Monday about 3:45 (the usual time) and found Nicole in bed sleeping.  

Not a huge shocker except that when I asked her how she felt she said she was tired and had a headache.  **Being the wonderful MOM I am I advised her to get some sleep and we'll talk in the morning**

Tuesday she woke with the same headache and said she was also very dizzy.  I figured she had a touch of "some flu" and told her to take it easy a.k.a. ~ stay home from school and I will check in with her after work.

This time...when 3:45 came around....I could tell her situation hadn't gotten any better and she seemed quite pale.  Hubby had a meeting, Kenzie had a track meet, I had to drop Owen at swimming by 5:30 so again I said ....after I drop Owen I will come back and see what to do.  When I got home she was just getting out of the bathroom....we talked for minutes at the top of the stairs by her room and a little half wall.  

Seconds later she fainted.  She hit the half wall and immediately got a black and blue egg on her chin.

****This is where 30 minutes felt like forever**** I arranged a friend to pick up Owen from swimming, exchanged many texts with hubby, called the nurse line,  took care of Nicole who decided to faint for the second time and then drove her straight to the hospital!!

She has ITP.  We knew that last year ~ she was getting many bloody noses and we went in to have her checked.  If you click here you can read about it.  

Her counts last year when the doctor was worried were at 120,000.  Where as a normal platelet count runs between 150,000 and 400,000.  Tuesday night her count came back at 1,000!!!


With counts that low she was NOT going home.
She had to have a cat scan to check for internal bleeding.  If bleeding then surgery.  NO bleeding ~ thank GOD! So she got pumped with fluids, blood (platelets) and steroids.

She was monitored for everything she possibly could be.  

We finally went home at midnite when she was in her room and in good hands.
We said good nite!

The next day ~ hubby stayed with her and was there to hear what the doctors had to say.  STEROIDS are powerful drugs.  By the next day her counts were up to 33,000.....she was given more steroids and discharged by 5PM on Wednesday.

 The next day (Thursday) we had to follow up with more blood tests and check in with her school because it is finals week next week.  ;-(  I was her personal escort through out the day.  I carried her bags and made sure she took it easy ~ I did not want her fainting again even though the doctors said ~ regular routine is fine as long as she can handle it.  She got tired easily ....but we made it through.

By Friday her counts were up to 80,000!! WooHoo....she rested a lot and seemed almost back to normal!  Where did the week go???? She had another blood draw and we found out later that night that her counts were up to 129,000.  See what I mean about steroids??? The wonder drug!!

We all went to Captain America today (Saturday) at 12:20...I love matinee prices!!  She got ready and seems to be normal.  She has energy and even wanted to get out of the house to see a friend for awhile.  Ha!  A whole week of LOTS OF MOM and DAD attention can get to anyone I am sure. that is where we are at now....

Hubby and I are feeling so confident in her condition that we too decided we needed to get out...we are off to listen to a group of high school singers THAT ARE AMAZING and then out for a drink and dinner!

I will take a deep breath and enjoy the moment because if I have learned any thing from this week I have once again been reminded that life can change in a second.  Appreciate what you have when you have it, before its gone.  

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Alissa A Journey to Thin said...

Oh my goodness- that is so scary! That is a huge bruise on her chin. Ouch! I'm so glad that she's ok and on the mend.

She did it and then I did it again.....

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