Friday, April 8, 2016

When you give me a carb ............

 When you give me a lot of carbs.....
I want more carbs!

After having too many carbs....
all I want to do is lie out by a pool.

When I lie by a pool I get REALLY hot and I start to dream about yogurt and its many toppings...

After having FroYo 
I am a little sad to see;  I still cannot smile "normally" for a picture.

If I can't smile for a picture then I must take pictures of other things.

If I cannot find the energy to take any more pictures; then it must be time to go home.

If I am home ~
 I am happy to see another friend decided it may be a nice place to call it home too.

(can you see our new friend?)

Arizona was wonderful....can't wait to go back someday!!

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