Thursday, April 14, 2016

Pet peeve number 1,001.....

As the number states I have a few pet peeves.  I am sure my family members would all agree and some may even say that number should be A LOT HIGHER so just know its only an estimate.


 And I am only talking about the DIRTY ones ........

Dirty dishes left sitting out on the counter tops.

Dirty dishes left sitting on side tables in the living room.

Dirty dishes left in YOUR BEDROOM!! UGH!!! **red face with fire coming out of my head**

Dirty dishes left in the basement ~ on the floor and/or on the island.

and the #1 place I continually find Dirty dishes???????  In the sink.  Really?  What are you thinking? Are you waiting for the maid to do YOUR dishes??? Because if so, I have a little something to share with you....."We don't have a maid"......YOU have a mom and last I checked I am pretty sure IF you are old enough to make Mac N Cheese than YOU are old enough to wash the pans and bowl you used for the Mac N Cheese.  Can you feel the frustration in my tone?  ha!

In all seriousness it is sadly true.  I can comment, I can leave the dishes until it bugs me to finally pick them up and I can complain about the mess...still members of my family continue to leave their dishes around the house.

Then I am the constant nag.


Pet Peeve #1,002??????  (wearing shoes in the house......but that's for another post ;-)

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