Thursday, April 21, 2016

Now that's one good looking boy!!

Owen's first time wearing a tie!!!!

(I think he liked the way he looked too!)

Then these two old people joined the picture...

(I may be storing nuts for the winter by the looks of my cheeks....kind of funny but people have told me when I lose/gain weight they notice it first in my face.  Hmm, never really thought about it before but I am a bit heavier right now and my cheeks show it...oh well!)

And yes, we truly believe, IF you are taking a picture THEN make any weird face possible...

And baby....who is getting real close to surpassing my height...ugh!

Well, at least we got one picture of him and some of his swimming buddies at the banquet....
because we forgot to take a picture of him and his official "Swim letter"....its sitting on his shelf and I plan on taking one soon but the only time I think about it is when he is getting into bed with his pj's on and well that is probably not the look I am going for so.......some day it will happen.  ;-) Someday.

One final thought:  I am in a bit of a shock that PRINCE died today.  Any one else??  It's not like I knew him personally but he seemed so healthy the last time I saw him on  one of those award shows....I was just shocked when I heard he passed.  At that moment I decided it was just fine to buy chips and taco dip for supper....I mean one never knows when they may die after all and why wait?! 

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