Wednesday, April 13, 2016

If you have never experienced it....maybe you can't relate to it????

Part 1?

Life.  We have all experienced that.  If you are reading this than you have a life and have been born into your life....what happens after birth is completely YOURS.  It may be similar to others' life but in reality ONLY YOU truly live YOUR life.

You see, there are many things you have had to deal with that I have not and vice versa.

I have never ran a marathon.  I do not know what its like to train and be focused for months until that day eventually comes and you run.  You run with your heart, you run with determination, you run with a mental process of doubt, excitement, and least, I can only imagine these things because I have never been there.

I have run a half marathon.  I may have trained half of what you did and maybe I was a little focused for awhile but then I got over it.  I ran questioning why am I doing this?  And how can others do this thing called running and make it look so effortless while I am pretty sure I am slowly dying right now.  My body did not like the half ~ and my mind will never tackle a full.

You like to be around people.  You look forward to exercising with others.  You can't wait for the next girls night out.  You want to go for another walk when we just walked last week?  You think staying home ~ alone ~ is boring and why be alone when you can be with others.  You love lunch time to chat and catch up on gossip and events taking place because you may want to join in.  You are an extrovert and thrive from others energy.  I am not.

I like my alone time.  I look forward to quiet times.  I often eat lunch alone; not because I am not welcomed by others (I am) but because I need to reflect on my own thoughts, my morning, and then reenergize for the afternoon "go time" again.  (I work at a preschool so when the kids are there I am always "ON"....there is no "DOWN" time during the kid time)  I enjoy walks on my own and exercising to my own beat.  I love exercise classes but I don't always want to talk to others in my class.  Once people start to talk to me and even "get to know me" I tend to change my class time or stop going.  It's not that I don't like you, its just that I use exercise as MY time, not my socializing time.  I am an introvert who thrives on silent energy.

I do not smoke.  Never have.  Always hated the smell, the look, the thought of it.  Others love their cig.  They could not imagine life without their smoke break at work or a smoke while out having a drink with friends at a local bar.  I think its the nastiest habit around.

I eat.  I have noticed lately I am bingeing more and actually getting upset over my lack of control.  Many don't understand the love food brings.   I remember being younger and hearing my mom say she was on a diet.  My dad's famous words in reply to that would always be,  "I don't understand how you people gain weight, just push your self away from the table and stop eating!"......Oh, dad if it were only that easy.  ;-) I guess he forgot that we have convenient drive thru restaurants ~ who needs a table when we can eat in our car?!  Or that to stop eating would mean I would have to find something else to occupy my head and hands so that I wouldn't have to deal with the stress of reality.

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