Sunday, April 24, 2016

I guess my personality is that of a "bossy" lady.....Reality is I am the boss of NO ONE...

Some of my earliest memories always involve my mom and her telling me how I love to boss people around!!???? What?!?!

I don't know how she could tell that I "loved" it but I feel I have a knack for seeing what needs to get done and then noticing people around me who appear to be doing nothing.

I like to think I simply ENCOURAGE them to ACT on the current need.  ;-)

Is that being a boss?

Well, then I guess I am guilty.

However, I also believe a boss often sees a result from their "encouragement"..... I often do not.

Thus, I am NOT a boss.   And the reality is I am not a boss of anyone (sorry if you take it that way) because we ALL KNOW we can truly only be the boss of OUR SELF.

Yesterday I sat down to read my latest SHAPE magazine that came in the mail.  (One of these days I am really going to make some of the recipes I read about...they look amazing) If you haven't read the current edition you should; it really had some great tips in it and the one line I remembered most from it was: BE THE BOSS OF YOUR BODY!  It stuck with me so much that I Googled the quote to look for it on the t-shirt like the model was wearing.....

I found many "Boss" t-shirts but not the one I wanted.....then, I looked in the magazine again....
It wasn't on a t-shirt after all~
it was simply quoted over her shirt area.

Time to be the BOSS over ME!

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