Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I don't know what is going on lately....

I thought I got my mojo back.

I had a super great, amazingly wonderful weekend of working out and getting stuff done.  I was all set to get to body pump Monday night.  (I even wrote it on the calendar! Then you know its a DONE deal!)

This was the week to be back at my Y after 12 days of NOT exercising there at all.  I got home from work on Monday and ate a little something.  I changed into my workout clothes.  I had to drop Owen off at swimming and then I was Y bound.

(I even had Nicole set to pick up Owen after swim because I knew with the class I would be pushing it to get back there in time)

Guess what.....it had been a cloudy day and I could tell it was getting darker as I drove to the Y.  And at that moment it started to rain....... know what else???  My whole body became numb as I drove.  I could feel myself losing my mojo.  My energy.  My gumption.  I knew I had plenty of time before my class because I had planned to walk around the track a bit before.   Since I had the extra times I figured it wouldn't hurt to just sit in my car and wait out the rain.

*I played WordBrain on my phone* Have that app?  It's a good one to keep ya thinking while passing the time.....yep, I digressed.

Anyway, with 15 minutes til class time the rain stopped.  YIKES...was that a SIGN??? I headed in and headed up to the track.  I started walking since I still had a few minutes and then someone poured blue paint all over me.  Well, not really but I guess that's how it felt...as if someone had done so.

I just slowed.  It was like I was walking and watching people but not really.  People were sweating, they were laughing, some were in group classes and others on machines, they were in a groove and loving every minute of it.  I felt like I couldn't breathe and the only place I wanted to be right then and there was OUT of THERE.

5 minutes to class and I exited down the stairs and out the doors.

I didn't know whether to cry, be super mad at myself, check myself into a hospital, drive home, go for a walk, or go to Target (Well duh?????) I called Nicole to tell her I didn't feel well and decided to skip my class so I would be able to pick up Owen.  I thought about going for a walk outside ~ to clear my head and think ~ but I was nervous I would get stuck in another rain storm because they were popping up all over.  I went to Target.  I figured I could use the time to look for a Mother's Day gift for my mom.  I didn't find anything but it did get my mind off of the blue paint thingy.

I started to breathe again.

I picked up Owen and felt more like me again.  I don't get it.  I have such issues with food, exercise, and people.....too bad the three of them often go together.  ha!

Fast forward to today.........

In minutes I am going to change to get ready to go to the Y again for a cycle class.  There is another chance of rain and I am not chancing it.  I will be dropping Owen off again at swimming and I only hope tonight goes 1,000 times better than last night.  (I also have Nicole set to pick Owen up after swimming in case I don't make it .....hope the similarities between the two nights won't do any damage to my mojo) 

I am realizing I may need to make a doctors appointment and ask if any of these ups and downs I am feeling could be related to menopause and/or pre-menopause.  Something tells me it may and something tells me its related to the clouds.

Clouds ~ Grey skies ~ and Stress.  Not a great combination for me and my body.

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