Sunday, April 17, 2016

Getting over the hill one "pedal" at a time.....

It has been almost two weeks since we arrived home from our 5 day GLORIOUS weekend away to Arizona.  Well, technically speaking it was GLORIOUS for ME and probably just GREAT for hubby.  I mean after all he did have to go to meetings and "kind of" work on Saturday, Sunday and Monday from approximately 8-4 each day; while, I made hotel room coffee, exercised, laid out by the pool, got ready to meet him for lunch, walked around the shops a bit and then headed back to the pool for another hour or so before getting "officially" ready for the day  happy hour.

Not a bad gig if I do say so myself.  And that GIG is the reason I hit a bit of a depression for a week upon return.  We left 90 degree weather in AZ and returned to 40 degree weather in MN (but with the wind it felt like 35 on a good day).  The sun went away and the clouds set in.

I didn't exercise that first week at all.

I ate A.L.O.T!!

I went to bed early each night.  I felt like crying most days, but I knew I had to suck it up and pull on my granny adult pants, put a fake smile on each day at work, and drink a beer each night with hopes that soon spring will come again.

Guess what?  Those first 7 days turned into 8 days, 9 days, and then 10 days.....but finally the weather  turned!!! YES!  This weekend was and is GLORIOUS~see I am using that (Arizona) word again! It has been sunny, even hot, we got out the patio furniture, we enjoyed happy hour Friday night, and I got my butt on my bike and exercised!!!

I HAD to get out and bike because my Tour de Cure is fast approaching.  Not really but kinda.  I have 43 miles to bike on June 4th for the American Diabetes Association and prior to Saturday I hadn't biked outside since last fall and I had only biked inside during my cycle classes 8 -13 miles per 45 minute.

Soooo, Saturday morning turned into this:  15.53 miles in 1hour 23 minutes

and today I cranked this out:   23.48 miles in 1 hour 56 minutes.

I am not a biker/cyclist and I have no idea what would be considered "slow", or "moderate" however,  I am pretty sure Lance Armstrong would be considered "fast".  I am just posting my times here to gauge where I am at at the start of my so called "training" and to have something to compare it to on future rides this summer.  

Give or take wind, temperature, and time of day I ride of course.  ;-)

Just as some of the hills I biked today literally took my breathe away....the realization once home after Arizona kind of took my life away (not literally but figuratively).  I kept going.  One pedal after another, one breath after another, one beer after another...ha! Whatever~I kept going and got through it.  

Proof there is happier times ahead once you get over the hill. 

Climbed any hills lately???

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