Thursday, March 24, 2016

When people ask ..."What did you do over Spring Break?"....I can say this:

 I went to the Mall of America and found MY SIZE ice cream cone!!  Seriously, I would love to TRY and finish one this size; except it might melt a little while I did so.  Kenzie found some peas in a pod and Owen .....well, you decide?!

I can also tell them that I got really good at giving Kenzie and Owen shoveling tips.  
Remember to shake everything off your shovel....

Don't forget the backyard....aka: where Rudy goes out to do his duty...because IF the deck isn't shoveled off THEN he will pee on it and you all know how gross that can be and look.  

Then I will share that Kenzie shared with me the fact that her friends were posting a bunch of pictures of them lying by the beach and enjoying their Mexican sunshine....I told her WHO NEEDS an ocean when YOU HAVE A SNOWPILE?  She decided I was right and look....there she is lying out in OUR MN sunshine....keep working on that tan girl....ha!

And I will share with every one that when I tried to show my daughter how to use the be more helpful in the kitchen and around the house.....I guess I should have made it more clear WHICH SOAP GOES IN THE WASHER and which DOESN'T.  
 So....if you are wondering... this is what it looks like when you use regular dish soap....not specific soap for the DISHWASHER!!
(It was oozing all over the floor too...lovely!)

And, lastly I will tell them that I managed to lose feeling in ALL 4 FINGERS at ONCE ....quite impressive since I usually don't lose it in my pinky and it wasn't even ALL THAT COLD.  I think its soon time to make an appointment and see about this medication I have heard some take for Raynaud's Syndrome.

 Yes, It's been a great spring break.  

And now we are off to church service for Maundy Thursday; we just had some pizza (symbolize the body of Christ) and some wine (Christ blood).  It was "our" last supper before the service.

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The Skinny on Staci said...

I put dish liquid in the dishwasher here once a couple weeks back but caught myself and got it all out. After seeing those pics, I'm sure glad I did! Lol That's too funny about the snow tan. :) I knew a lady who had Raynaud's. She really had a hard time with it.

She did it and then I did it again.....

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