Sunday, March 13, 2016

Some reflections from the weekend.

  • There is nothing like a great workout.  Pushing your legs during a sweaty cycle class has been awesome knees actually feel stronger and that is priceless.
  • Not knowing when to say WHEN...still appears to be an issue with me.  Hubby and I went out with four others last night to a brewery we had never been to.  I was suppose to be the sober cab.  An hour into our outing hubby says to me, "I guess I should stop drinking because it looks like you are NOT going to be the sober one".  
  • Waking up with a headache and having that headache until noon even after lots of water and Ibu sucks no matter what age you are.
  • Kids and their electronics.....
  • When your daughter asks you on Friday, "How would you react if you found a huge mess of stuff spilled everywhere?"  Um, I guess I may be a little upset but then I would have to clean it up.  Today I opened the drawer where we keep honey, peanut butter, jelly and such.....only to find the honey had tipped over and whoever put it away didn't screw the top down!!! UGH! I guess I found the mess she was asking about!
  • Wondering why didn't said daughter clean up the mess??? (She said she didn't know where to start!!)
  • Wanting your kids to make better food choices and then finding out while you were out they went to the dollar store for pop tarts and m&ms.  ;-(

  • Wanting to make better food choices and then on the way home from drinking demands to stop at Dairy Queen for a blizzard.  ;-(
  • Having your son be disappointed when a friend calls him to go swimming at the Y.  Why is he upset?  It's cutting in on his gaming time on his iPad....oh electronics! (Yes, he went by the way) 
  • Dishes in the sink
  • Dogs barking
  • dishes in the sink
  • dogs barking
  • Oh the animal hair from 2 cats and 3 dogs.  We are dog sitting 2 other dogs for 5 days.  It rained last night thus, the doggie paw prints are everywhere and the wet dog smell is narly.
  • You want us to get another dog Nicole????? Um, NO!
  • NAP TIME!!!!

One more week of school around here and then we get a week off for spring break.  I can't wait....


Anonymous said...

Um i simply drove the kids I did not buy anything...


Alissa A Journey to Thin said...

Ugh- spilled honey does not sound like a very easy clean up. What a mess.

She did it and then I did it again.....

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