Monday, March 28, 2016

My thoughts per picture.....because....we still can't smile for a photo if our life depended on it.

 Owen impersonating a rabbit and Nicole thinking WTFudge?

 The need to get dad while dying an egg.

 Kenzie (our hugger) wanted a pic with her sis; who with her slight smirk says..."I don't think so."

Oh that boy talks about "some vine and JOHN CENA" more than I talk about ice cream!

 UGH..another boy named egg
And because fishy lips make the face look thinner another photo with such.

 When I asked Owen to look happy while he smiled...
I got this.
Or what shape is your face boy?

And finally...
I wanted one nice photo of my three kids on Easter....
this is the best I could get....
Hmmm ~ No fishy lips from Nicole, no odd shaped smile from Owen, and Kenzie's eyes are closed;  we are quite the bunch when it come to taking photos!

I wouldn't have it any other way!!
Love them all!!

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Anonymous said...

Can you send me that picture of me and the Zayn egg! Thanks!


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