Thursday, March 3, 2016

A very wise man once said....

Well I'll be honest here....I don't REALLY remember what he said exactly in this quote but it went something like this:

"I am 80 years old.  I can say and do whatever I want"
And he pretty much did.

It was a hilarious time when we would visit and start talking about relatives or neighbors from the past or present.  One would never know what story he might recall of days past or what truth he may divulge that he hadn't shared in years.  I loved talking to him and only wish I would have taped some of our conversations because they were "off the cuff" humor.

Most of you know I recently turned 47.  And I think this birthday of all birthdays I have turned over a new leaf.  I have become more of the me I want and need to be FOR ME.  We all have lived many different roles within our lives but as females I think we have lived the most.  And if married with children then you can relate to the many roles we have assumed, taken on, been given, or told to do and thus we have.

It has been exhausting.  I know first hand.  I am not alone here though......its been a crazy month and as I have shared some of my feelings with other females around my age I have found that I am not alone.  Whew!  Just thought I was the only crazy one out there (As my family may have eluded to during recent rants.  They may or may not have done this verbally, all it took was the roll of the eyes, the roll of the head, and the quick exit of the room to tell me this is true)

So what I have found out about women my age?  They want to say what is on their mind and be heard.  They want to voice their TRUE opinion on the way things are being run and want a change.  They want help and they don't want to be thought of as demanding.  They want to be more.  They want more from others around them but not because they are weak or controlling but because they want all to be more equal.

Have I said every thing I want??? NO.  Sheesh I am not THAT crazy!!!

Have I done whatever I want??? NO.  I am still in MN.

Do I have to accept what others say if they say things that hurt me or unintentionally sound awful?  NO.  I can hear it and channel that energy into something else positive and remove myself from future situations that I think may cause stress or upset me.  I am picking and choosing what I do more often.  Others cannot influence my decisions.....I will make them.  I will go if I want to and I won't go if I don't.

That pretty much sums up what I am feeling.  It's time to be more ME.  What ever that ME really is.  ha!

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Alissa A Journey to Thin said...

I love this post. It's very beautifully written. All we really want is freedom.

I think that the feelings you are describing are more common for your generation. Or maybe I'm just not old enough to feel that way. ;) But I feel like women my age make their voices heard and stand up for what they want. Maybe sometimes even a little too much.

My grandpa told us many stories we'd never heard when he was older. It was pretty funny some of the stories he told. Like getting into fights at a bar where they were stationed during WWII. Stealing pineapples from trucks in Hawaii. :) Always entertaining!

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