Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Who knew JV sections in swimming could be so exciting!!!!

It's been almost two weeks now since Owen's final swim meet.

The taper (no sugar) was hard on him and us but, coach kept saying if you stick to the "taper" you will see your times drop and you will see IT WORKS!

We may have been a bit skeptical because this was our first year in swimming and his first time without sugar for over a week ~ Let's just say that when a certain MOM craved ice cream on Super Bowl Sunday (and then bought it and ate it in front of the boy) ~ it was harder on him than me.  ;-)

But he refrained.

The Assistant coach knew he was close to getting a Varsity ~ Lettering ~ time....
the cheering began....

And then we realized he was getting VERY close to a Varsity Lettering time.  
Not many first year swimmers.
Not many 7th graders.
Not many earn a Varsity Letter.

We got louder and louder and I found out later the photographer even noticed us.
(I have one arm up...hubby is taping...our good friend is next to us...and the other guy is another swimmers dad)

He needed to get a 5:44.59 in the 500 freestyle
(20 lengths of the pool)

He got a 5:42.?? 

He made it!
He lettered!!

We were so thrilled for him...he wanted it so much!!


Alissa A Journey to Thin said...

Way to go!! He must be an amazing swimmer. And who knew sugar could slow you down?

The Skinny on Staci said...

That. Is. Awesome. How exciting!!!! :)

She did it and then I did it again.....

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