Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What happens when you open your front door?

 And just like that we are in the midst of our first "measurable" snow storm of 2016.  Yes, its pretty but its also ANNOYING!! There I said it.  I honestly don't find any thing great about it at all.

Bah Hum Bug!
 View from the side window

And why not take another from the front door?
Well, the only other thing I really want to be doing right now is eating ice cream so I might as well snap a few pictures to share and simply dream.....

Bah Hum Bug!
So what are some of the things I dislike from winter??

1.  cold hands/fingers
2.  shoveling heavy snow or shoveling during a strong wind and it just blows back at ya
3.  driving in the crap
4.  dealing with the continual dirty car
5.  if the outside of the car is dirty then the inside is full of salt and sand too
6.  which means the garage floor is full of wet sand, dripping cars, and salt
7.  makes for a daily vacuum of the mud room
8.  stress about kids driving in the crap
9.  really wanting ice cream and NOT wanting to drive in the crap to get it
(New "bad weather" diet? Bah Hum Bug!)
and the #10 reason?
10.  a snowy head of hair makes for one rat's nest on my head.

Good thing I can open my door to see this....
feeling the LOVE right?!

And what happens in our house when the front door is open?

the four legged friends come running.  
I am sure they are hoping someone is here, hoping for a sun beam to nap in, or hopelessly dumb.  I mean they are animals...do they really know what a front door even is?

I know I don't know what self control is some days so;  
yea I get it...

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The Skinny on Staci said...

One year it was REALLY starting to snow here (like 7 years ago this was), and we wanted Mexican so badly that we almost braved out in it. Then we decided that was pretty pathetic. Lol So I'm with you on the not wanting to drive in it to get your ice cream!

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