Sunday, February 7, 2016

Last weekend of being 46.....what I did.....

So today is almost over; except for a little foot ball game on later tonight ~ that pretty much all of the world is hunkering down in front of a TV to watch because of the commercials and half time show ...DUH!

With that being said, that means there are 4 days until my 47th birthday!  Am I excited?  No, not really.  Ever since I had high expectations for turning 25 and that balloon pretty much popped, I just haven't really cared about celebrating much.  Don't get me wrong I love the fact that I am getting older.  I love that God has allowed me to stay on this earth with my family and be part of whatever plan he has in store for me.  I also love having the kiddos ask me what I would like for my birthday and then when I answer with:  1. clean the entire house  2. clean the bathrooms too  3.  just be nice and do what ever I say for the day and 4. Ice Cream of any flavor would be great!  Then they give me the eye roll and walk away......ha!

Birthdays are great aren't they?!

So what have I been up to during my last weekend at the age of 46?

1.  Friday night we attended Owen's swim meet.  (I am kind of wild and crazy huh?)

2.  Saturday I got up and went to body pump at my Y from 7-8am.  I knew they were also hosting a Y Cycle-a-thon from 10-12pm to raise money for kids going to camp and other Y issues.  Since I didn't have any thing else planned for the day and I found out they still had open bikes I decided to join the 2 hour ride.  It was fun, it went by surprisingly fast, and I shockingly felt really good after. (I thought my knees and hip would be killing me but they weren't ~ not bad for the old lady...ha!)

3.  The shower never felt so good.

4.  I was also surprised I wasn't very hungry for lunch.  I had had 2 clementines during the 2-hour ride and 4 bottles of water.  I came home and had some celery with spinach dip and felt fine.

5.  Soon hubby and the kids said they were headed to Target to "maybe" do some birthday shopping.  I casually mentioned I would love some "early" ice cream if they happen to be in the frozen treats section.  ;-)

6.  When they got home ~ roughly 3PM ~  I found they had purchased Monster Cookie ice cream...seriously! My daughter and I each had a bowl.  YUM!  I then continued to eat the entire half gallon.  SERIOUSLY.  I guess my exercised induced craving/hunger took over but it was heavenly going down.....and the heart burn I experienced after from being so full was painful burping back up. (Just burps...nothing else came up ;-)

7.  Off to church

8.  Home to watch the Republican debate

9.  Off to bed early from exhaustion and sugar crash maybe?

10.  8:59 PM was the last thing I saw and lights out for me.

It's Sunday now and I have been getting a lot of preschool craft prep done!  I have been eating better (whew!) and excited to make chili for supper while the family watches the football game that has everyone a buzz!!

Hope you all had a great weekend too.....

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The Skinny on Staci said...

I wouldn't have thought you were almost 47. You look great, mama! That's too hilarious that you biked for 2 hours and ate all that ice cream. Lol My kind of gal! :)

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