Thursday, February 11, 2016

Frist day of 47...

I made it and it was glorious.

It really was....

It started with ice cream and mega toppings on Super Bowl Sunday from Coley.

(I received a new pair of athletic shoes from hubby ~ which I may have purchased on-line a week earlier just to be sure it was the correct size and all...ha!)

Kenzie went all out with a wonderful necklace/earring/bracelet combination which I loved enough but then she also hung some decorations up in the kitchen and made me a new CD for my CRV with a random collection of tunes that I LOVE from our iTunes library.

Owen contribute some $ towards an Infinity necklace and then we went out to eat tonight too and hubby gave me a card with some more $ !!!  I know right???  Talk about being spoiled!!! I am going to save the $ for our trip to Arizona in roughly 6 weeks....souvenirs here I come.

I am thinking 2016 and being 47 is a nice feeling right here and now.  I pray that this feeling will continue throughout the year and only blossom in those around me too.  ;-)

I am going to try and make this my best year of me yet.

EAT better.




Work hard and be rewarded for my efforts....

Do random acts of kindness to others.

Here is to 47 more years ~ God willing!!

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The Skinny on Staci said...

Happy late birthday!!! Sounds like you really had a nice one! Here's to 47! :)

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