Thursday, February 18, 2016

A week in and I am as crazy as ever....

Happy Thursday!  Without having any control over it I have been 47 for a week now.  I guess nothing has changed in me or my mind except that I have had 2 days of intense sugar cravings and I am blaming it all on hormones.

I don't know about any of you (who are around my age) but, my hormones are a changing!!!

T.M.I. Warning ~

Let's just talk "womanly" for a sec.  You know that two week period during the month right in between actually getting your period.  I guess the technical term may be our "ovulation" time.  Well, that time is the new "Wonky" time of the month for me.  I am no doctor but I am guessing its because my body doesn't want to ovulate any more.  I think its in that phase of still wanting to be a young woman's body but the old genes are popping up and trying to kill the young ones so this older one can take control.

(I am pretty sure that is NOT how a doctor would describe pre menopause but it works for me)

So, during this time I crave sugar and really there is nothing I can do about it except to accept the craving and give in.  ha!  Isn't that what everyone does???

The past two days I did that and then I tried to go to body pump at the Y last night.  Holy Hannah what a mistake.  I felt weak.  I had lots of trouble lifting the same weight that I am use to.  I was exhausted....thank you sugar for that.

Today I got up and showered.
And then I decided I better start with eggs and veggies.
While cutting the eggplant I cut my finger....see bandage below.
(I also realized I had eye gunk so had to remove that)

 Then I tried again and hit the button too early....
time to check for nose gunk I guess.

 Next, I noticed the dog toys lying around and figured I would try to cover those up...

"Look mom no sweat pit stains...ha!"

No kids, no interruptions, nothing and still I can't take a normal photo.

My morning eyes need help...I look tired and yet I thought I slept well.

(The blanket covering the chair is simply because I got sick of the animal hair on it all the time)
And if someone happens to come over unannounced....I simply tear the blanket off of the chair and Waa Laa a clean chair ~ with out hair ~ to sit on.  
Doesn't every body do that?

Well, I am off to work...or the crazy house...some days one never knows.


The Skinny on Staci said...

Yanno, I was so mesmerized by your funny pics that I didn't notice the blanket until you pointed out!!! Lol I will be 37 next month. Sometime into my 30s, I started realizing that I gain weight and get MOODY around O time. Most women feel really great and lovely toward their man. Nope, not me. I get sorta evil. It's a wonder we ended up with any kids at all! LOL But my periods are still just monthly with no spotting or anything in between. Just so you know. Ha! Fun, fun post. Happy birthday plus one week :)

Kimberly said...

I can really relate. I just feel off during that time of month. I'm sick of the emotional roller coaster! It gets old really quick. Just like me.

Alissa A Journey to Thin said...

Ugh- hormones. Happy 40th birthday!!

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