Wednesday, February 3, 2016

11 inches and counting....

So far that is the number the weather watchers are reporting for our area.  It hasn't been the heavy, wet back breaking kind of snow which is good.  Surprisingly though 11+ inches of the fluffy white stuff can be just as heavy by the time one is done shoveling a 2-car driveway and an additional car spot on the side of the garage.

Thank goodness I got some help from Kenzie and the neighbor came over with his snowblower to do the end drift that the city plow left for us.

One of the many perks of living on a corner.  The city plow rounds our corner, backs up to make sure he didn't leave any drifts on the edge and then begins again up our street.  Our house is the lucky corner one after the back up.  So whose drive way gets the big DUMP of the day??? Yep, ours!!!

That DUMP can make me cry when it has been the heavy, wet stuff.....

OK..soo that's the latest update in MN.  I can't wait to be talking sun, mosquitos and mowing the grass rather than this stuff!

Just needed to add a few flashbacks.  Ahhhh, summer time fun ~ SUN ~ and anything but cold!

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