Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Some ramblings around here

When I find these photos downloaded on our computer I simply want to gag....really!!
I don't see the cuteness in him at all Coley....

Because I am sure my daughter would say something as clever about my fingers as I tend to about HARRY....but, seriously look at my fingers!!!!
 This is a constant during the winter months for me....I am totally over it.....
kind of like 1D is over their band love.

Some months ago my daughter had fun with my hair while we were watching TV.
I realized after seeing the photo I need to lighten up the locks again.
I called yesterday to make my hair appointment and the first available time that worked with BOTH of our schedules is March 12th!  Ugh....the roots should be very unruly by then for sure!

Other ~not really important~ but I feel your life and mine would be better if I mentioned them:

1.  I have been working out a bit more and the fat feels firmer....although right now I am craving some ice cream that is really soft.

2.  Owen has a swim meet tonight.  We have about a month left of the sport and it makes me kind of sad and kind of glad.  It is fun and it keeps him busy daily, but I am ready to have nothing on the schedule again....just in time for spring, sun and sitting on the deck if you know what I mean.  ;-)

3.  Coley's college and hubby's work are quite close by each other.  They discussed the fact that on wintery mornings he could drop her off at school and pick her up after work to alleviate some of the stress of the commute.  Today was that day.  When I asked her about the drive it she said it was amazing!!!! They got to drive in the "carpool" or "Sane" lane and it cut about 25 minutes off the drive even in the snow and mess.  

4.  Daughter #2...is hooked on a show called "Supernatural".  I can proudly say I have never watched an episode and I can sadly say her middle name could be called couch potato because of it.  (Little fact I may not have shared....I hate TV) 

5.  OK...not really hate but definitely dislike.   Do I watch any TV???  Well yes,  I do watch news, Republican Debates are entertaining, Duck Dynasty and or Long Island Medium when I remember and if I'm really bored AND IF its on;  I will watch those nip and tuck/liposcution kind of shows.  My family loathes them but I enjoy seeing the transformations of the individuals.  

So that's a little of "What I Think I Know Today".....any shows that you watch where your family thinks you are nuts?  


The Skinny on Staci said...

I am so badly in need of a cut and an eyebrow wax right now. I am so furry and my hair is so dead. Lol I cracked up at the firm fat but soft ice cream. Haha

Alissa A Journey to Thin said...

Which guy is it she's crushing on? Hopefully not the leopard print guy... Lol

Anonymous said...

Really, Mom??? You had to drag Harry and the BREAK into this!!! And yes I'm "crushing" on the leopard print guy" from Nicole

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