Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Movin' on....

Happy Tuesday to all and to all a warm hot sunny day!  (I cannot be the only one wishing for that right?  I believe 99% of this lovely state we call Minnesota, is probably wishing for that by now.)  

As I look at the calendar I cannot be more thrilled to be closing out the month.  Not for the usual reasons though.  I am really just looking forward to NEXT Monday the 25th because the family is taking a little drive north (90 minutes to be exact) to meet up with my parents for lunch!!  Sadly, they have to drive a little over 2 hours to meet us ~ I know who gives their parents the longer drive in winter?   Not on purpose that is for sure.  It just happens to be the best meeting spot to find a nice restaurant to celebrate my "early" birthday lunch with them.

And what makes it even brighter is that I just saw the weather forecast for this coming weekend/Monday....28, 27, 30 and partly sunny!  Thank you God for giving me some sun and good weather for our trek.  

Oh look what I just found........some pictures from last year when we met at the exact same restaurant and celebrated my birthday with them then.  ;-)  None of us have changed much ....good?  sad?? ha!

We are not the best at posing and getting a "good" picture so most of our photos are very candid and silly.

Tonight is another swim meet.  YEA!!!   I have never enjoyed being a spectator at a sport as much as I have enjoyed going to swim meets.  If you don't like to be cold, if you don't like winter, and if you want to see some great boys swimming their hearts out you should really look into your local high school swim team and GO to a meet.



and know there is only 72 days until April 1st!!! (Arizona here we come!) WooHoo!


Alissa A Journey to Thin said...

Happy early early birthday! :) it's finally starting to warm up here too, and by that I mean the 20s. Come on spring!

The Skinny on Staci said...

The action pics of your son were cool :) And I love the candid bday photos form last year. Hope you have a GREAT birthday! Snow in TN today, about 4 inches, which is like a record high. Haha

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