Saturday, January 9, 2016

It just isn't fair........

 Just a little over a week ago we were by the ocean, in shorts, tank tops and actually sweating.......maybe even~ dare I say~ complaining about the sweat stains showing up through our shirts!!

Oh, how I wish I could say that now rather than dealing with the frigid temps in Minnesota like we are....and to think Minnesotans are actually paying money for a ticket to sit OUTSIDE tomorrow to watch a play off football game between the MN Vikings and Seattle.  (Bwa ha hahaha!!)
 Perfect place to take a photo is when you are doing nothing but waiting in line for a ride at Disney.  
Any ride, any line.....
 Pools, swim suits, drinks and ....
a boy with a low slung smile because that is how he rolls.


It's freezing outside today!! I think the temperature was 6 in my car and the wind has picked up a bit....I don't know if the fact that I washed my car this morning in those temps is crazy or the fact that my daughter just decided to go for a run OUTSIDE in those temps which seems crazier.  

Or maybe those Viking fans who will be outside tomorrow are the craziest of all!!!

Honestly, I think we all are a tad crazy...just that we show off in different ways and at different times.  


Hollie said...

It's crazy to think how fast the weather has changed. I can't lie, I already miss the spring/summer weather.

The Skinny on Staci said...

Lol I was totally enjoying the 70-degree December in Tennesse! That is rare! But now it's back to the 30s by day and teens by night. Ugh! Come early, spring!