Monday, December 7, 2015

Spoiled rotten ~ the cats not me.

Seriously ~ 

Whenever I come home from work I will often find these two huddled in many different combinations.  This one seriously takes the cake!!

Dora (yes, after the one and only Dora the Explorer) is the tabby cat which is being used as a pillow by Jackie a.k.a. Jackie Robinson (the baseball legend).  In all fairness, Jackie looks HUGE in this photo but he isn't really THAT big.  He is fluffy so his hair does make him appear larger than life sometimes and this is one of those times.

And I got a new car!!!!
(NEW to ME ~ it's a 2010)

I have been looking and test driving a few cars lately.  I have always loved my Honda Odyssey (2002) so I thought I would check out the used Honda CRV.  I  found this gem on-line and when I read that it had cloth seats (my necessity ~ dislike leather) and only 33,000 I jumped to see if it was still available and it was!! We were the first ones to test drive it since the dealership said it had only been in their hands for six days!! (And not officially on the lot yet ;-) 

I wasn't going to think about it...SOLD!  They are going to clean it up and polish it down and I will be picking it up in a couple of days.   


P.S. the salesman asked what we were going to do with the 2002 Odyssey with 192,000 miles on it and I said we are hanging onto it for the teenagers to drive he replied, "Perfect! It's worth more to you than to us!"  ouch....ha! How dare he make a joke about my baby.....

( I do feel a little spoiled ~ but really excited too ~ I have driven a mini-van for so long now I don't know how I am going to feel with out one?  People get sad over kids graduating and feeling the empty next it weird to feel loss over a vehicle?  I'm weird...I know ;-)

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The Skinny on Staci said...

Love the vehicle! We have an 06 Odyssey with 172k miles. We've owned it almost 3 years and are the second owners of it. I am opposite of you. With small kids, we've RUINED enough cloth seats over the years that I've learned to love the wipe-ability of leather! LOL My cats come up with the same kind of crazy positions. Hubby says it is completely no fair that he works out in the cold all day while that lazy boy cat sprawls out on the bed and sleeps. :)

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