Friday, December 11, 2015

In just 2 weeks....4 things we will do and 1 thing we won't

 Yes, Yes, Yes.....this weekend we will be assembling some very artsy gingerbread houses and trains...they are the finest pre-packaged, crunchy, and yummy least we think so!!

 Yes, Yes, Yes.......this is obviously a picture from years ago, but its one of the rare times they were dressed up because we were headed to church for the annual "Children's Christmas Program".  Since the kiddos are older now they really don't participate in as many children events (understandably).  But the Christmas program is one event where they have a "Senior High Youth Choir"...Kenzie chose to be part of that and Owen will be a greeter.  And Nicole ~ well, she is simply an adult just gets to sit back and enjoy with the other adults.  ;-)

YES, Yes....this is a sample of our basement and hubbies "winter hobby".  I don't have time to go into his little race car passion but is present.  VERY pun intended.  And each year (to get the kids involved with his love) he hosts a "LITTLE DEBBIE OPEN".   (You guessed it, Little Debbie ~ as in the snack cakes! The things the kids will do to win a snack cake is crazy)

And YES, we will be in Florida in 2 weeks and EPCOT on Christmas Day!!


Anything that involves major snow.  Such as building a snowman family......currently we have zero white stuff here in MN.  I feel sorry for the ski hill, the ice fishermen, and the snowmobilers who really enjoy winter and making the most of it.

I, on the other hand, AM THRILLED....but I am realistic too.  I know it will come eventually; I have never seen a MN with out any snow or snowstorms!!

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