Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Dec. 15th....10 days and Christmas Around the World is where we will be!

Time is such a crazy thing.  Whenever a BIG event comes into your life it seems like the time is SO far off.  Think about planning for your wedding, when you first found out you were pregnant, or when buying tickets to Disney!!!

Whether its 6 months, 9 months, or 18 months it seems like F.O.R.E.V.E.R before the day will actually be there and thank goodness because there usually is some prep to be done.  However, as we all know in life....the time passes.....sometimes in a blink and other times in our sleep.  And then we wake up to the OMG ~ only one month to go.

3 weeks and counting....

14 days.....

10 days...

1 week!


The "said" event is upon us and we can only hope that all the planning and preparations are done and will pay off.  We have to let go of the worry and just hope.  We have to enjoy the moment (and moments to come if it is the arrival of a baby that you have been waiting for).

I was excited recently to get my "new" USED car.  I actually had butterflies in my stomach the day I knew I would be picking it up.  ha!  I drove it home in rush hour traffic and the whole time I kept thinking about getting in an accident, how do I put on the hazards if so, how different the CRV seemed to my van, and will I get use to this??

Well people it hasn't even been a week and I am ok.  It's really very similar to my van and I am use to driving it already....I mean I am a big girl I can do this right?! 

Now seeing today's date of December 15th I cannot believe in just 10 days we will be walking into EPCOT!!  We will be at the crystal ball, probably taking a picture in front of it again and visiting each country to experience CHRISTMAS around the WORLD.  WOW!  

But I still need those 10 days to get "stuff" done.  

We haven't made any Christmas cookies yet and its on the calendar for this weekend.
We have a middle school and a high school choir concert to attend in the next days.  
We have a swim meet.
The kids have the annual Children's Christmas Program this weekend at church.  (which means we usually attend every service ~ helping out or just as the congregation)
We have to pack
and then I have to check, check and check again our reservations and such to make sure all is right and nothing has changed.

Yes, we are busy but its a good busy....

Then the day will be upon us and I hope we can all relax and simply enjoy our time together.

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