Friday, November 6, 2015


Time for another WHAT I THINK I KNOW TODAY post....actually I think I only titled one other post exactly for my blog title; however I am thinking I should be doing these more often.  (If not for any other reason than to get some weighted thoughts off my brain which then tends to weigh heavy on my neck and shoulders....get the picture?)  It's definitely a domino effect and stressful thoughts become stressful tension aches and pains.

Lets begin shall we:

As fun as vacations are I can see why people hire a travel agent to do all the "planning" for them.  I can't tell you the number of phone calls I have made lately to Disney reservations checking on flights, rooms, tickets to parks, car rental options,  certain dining plans, and so much more.  I was getting frustrated with some of the process a few times and then that made me mad because DISNEY and VACATIONS are not suppose to be frustrating but fun!!  (Its all good now..whew!)

I know I never want 3 dogs.  Dog sitting could be compared to baby sitting triplets if you ever thought about REALLY wanting 3 children.  (Otherwise known as birth control) ha!

I have no will power around sugary treats.  They simply can't be within reach or driving distance.  ;-(

After driving 20 some miles with my daughter, stopping at a whole foods store and getting into a discussion about her wanting to buy a "healthier form of pop tarts"only to have her leave the store CRYING ~ and tell me that ~ I SHOULD FEEL AWFUL BECAUSE I MADE MY DAUGHTER CRY!! ......I know I will NOT be shopping with her any time soon.

I am super excited about getting a new USED car in the spring but I HATE the process of test driving and thus buying a car.   Can I hire some one else to do that for me too?

I recently read on Instagram about the benefits of Wheat Grass.  (Any one try it yet???) I bought a single sample pack at the whole foods store today and just finished it....taste is nasty but I am curious to see if it helps with the cravings.  (keep ya posted I will ~ sounding like Yoda I am ) 

I had my first PURPLE sweet potato today!! Stuft Mama eats the purple ones all the time and today I actually found some in the organic section at my local CUB.  YUM!  Definitely worth the extra dollars.  ;-)

***I am sick and tired of talking about losing the same weight over and over again.....***

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Alissa A Journey to Thin said...

I have never seen a purple sweet potato! I will be looking for them now-- sounds pretty!

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