Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What Would You Do?

Have you ever done something once or maybe twice and it turned out awful?  Or at least in a way that YOU were NOT expecting?  It could be something big or something quite small...it could be life changing (like someone driving drunk and either getting in an accident or pulled over because of it) or it could be trying hot sauce for the first time (and having a gut wrenching experience ~ never to do again).

I will admit I have had a few of these...(FYI, never driven drunk!)

My first experience of the like involved a certain candy mint:
these to be exact.....

It had to be at least 3 years ago.  I bought a bag and in one night finished off the whole lot of them.  I didn't feel sick at first but within an hour my stomach starting churning and I completely upchucked every single one of them.  No, I couldn't really count each of them....but, my stomach was emptied and I have NEVER at a single mint (like this) again.

Another time it happened in college.  More specifically my freshman year and within the first month. I was young, I was crazy, and my drink of choice was the Fuzzy Navel.

Well, I drank and drank and the next thing I knew the bathroom was my best friend and I was praying that I wouldn't die from fuzzy navel poisoning...and here I am!!  I did not die and I have not had a fuzzy navel of ANY KIND since.  

Last night I attended the Cross Country banquet with my daughter and her team (plus hubby!) Tradition has it that the new or next years captains buy the old or graduating senior captains a going away gift.  It is usually a funny "inside" kind of gift along with a meaningful one.  Weeks ago, one of the captains got REALLY sick...she had no explanation for her upchucking except that she had just eaten at Subway and she SWEARS the sandwich was BAD.  She hasn't eaten at Subway since and has no plans of going back any time soon.  

What did the girls give her as her "gag" gift??  
A giftcard to Subway.

I wonder if she will use it or give it away?  

What Would You Do?

I would probably give it away to someone else.  I haven't had a mint or a fuzzy navel after my experience so I doubt she will be able to have something from Subway any time soon.

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The Skinny on Staci said...

Yanno, I wondered what the fuzzy navel you were talking about in the above post was about. LOL Now I know! Eh, I dunno. I get over things pretty easily, so I would probably save it and use it - perhaps just on chips, a drink, and a cookie, though. Ha! I do know that we about killed ourselves on Little Caesars when it first came to our town. I mean, $5 pizzas? Um, yes please! But now, the thought of LC just makes us feel a bit "blech" because we overdid it. So glad we are past that!!!

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