Thursday, November 12, 2015

This or THIS?

Thanks to my hubby and one of our kiddos way back when ~ while stalling before going to bed one night ~ the game of THIS or THIS   was born.  I could sit in bed and hear the conversation go on and on.....

Hubby would wrack his brain to come up with two things that would be compared and the child at the moment (lately Owen because he is the youngest) would think about it and give his or her answer.

For example.....if we were planning a trip north hubby may ask where he would like to sleep.....Cousins house or the cabin? And then he would give his answer.  Sometimes it would end with the answer and other times he may go into a long explanation as to why he chose the answer he did.  ( I always found his reasons to be quite entertaining and very thoughtful for the most part).

Another example may be Star Wars characters.......Luke or Hans Solo?  R2 D2 or C3 PO?  Actually hubby and Owen know there Star Wars movies so they could get technical and ask about certain scenes in different episodes and clones that I don't even know about.

Entertaining?  Yes!

So my thoughts lately pertaining to THIS or THIS: 

  • Summer or Winter?   Summer
  • Do you like seeing Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving or After?  After
  • Alone time or No way give me my peeps!?  Alone time 
  • Drinking a fruit smoothie or just the fruit please?  Fruit only
  • Beer or wine?  Beer - 90% of the time
  • Ice cream or cake?  Ice cream
  • Buying new clothes or buying a new purse? Purse ~ always the perfect size!
  • Florida at Christmas or stay home?  Disney here we come.

Feel free to answer any or share one of your own......

Happy Eve of Friday the 13th!!

Superstitious or Whatever let the black cat cross my kitty, kitty........... ha!

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The Skinny on Staci said...

Okay, so I was able to get to your blog through the link Alissa posted in her blog love post that day. But I canNOT get here via the link posted on Disqus. Weird! I agree - PURSE! :)

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