Monday, November 23, 2015

I hurt like an old lady hurts.....

Lately I have been eating.  A lot.  I mean we all have to eat to live, I get that.  But, I have been eating to indulge and kind of over indulge.  I then what do I do?  I hit the kitchen basket of "stuff" aka "Stuff" you may take to get over a headache, a body ache, if one needs a band aid, or as in my case a TUMS.  Yep, the lovely stomach relief of a TUMS antacid is my rainbow kind of moment.  The rainbow that takes away the pain/rain and brings sunshine to an otherwise dark spot in the stomach.

I search and read and search and read articles about BINGE eating.  And as much as I wish I could pinpoint my indulgences onto a binge episode the definitions don't totally match up.  From my reading the binge is often a "mindless" activity.  And its eating a lot.  I feel I eat a lot, but not as much as a true binge and I feel I am always aware of my eating...not really a mindless act.

OK~ so its not a binge.

I had a pretty typical childhood (sure we all struggle now and then) but I don't feel I am eating because of a childhood issue that hasn't been dealt with.

I like food.  UGH. And yes, it brings a sense of comfort, but then often followed by some uncomfortable times and still I turn back to it for the taste.  Yes, the sugar gets me every time.

However, lately I caught myself eating non sugary treats and then I stopped and wondered why am I eating this right now at this moment.  And for the FIRST TIME EVER my inner self ANSWERED ME BACK!!! (Truly ~ it was so weird) And you know what it said?  It said, "You are eating because it makes you feel good and otherwise you hurt".  That's it.

And guess what??? That inner self was right!!  I am hurting right now and yet I never wanted to accept it and I figured it would just go away and it hasn't.  In fact, it is getting worse.

Sciatica is an old lady thing.  Sciatica should only happen to others and not me.  Well, I found this article and its exactly what I am going through.  It hurts all day~ sure its off and on and often more on than off ~ but its nagging and its annoying.  And there isn't any thing I have found that releases the pain immediately except a warm piece of pumpkin bread, a warm cup of coffee, a piece of peanut butter toast, a bowl or two of ice cream get the picture?  I have been eating to feel good for a moment in between feeling yucky the rest of the time.

Sure its gets my mind off the sciatic pain, but eventually the pain comes back and with it the need to feed.

Well, when I realized my issue I immediately made an appointment to see a chiropractor before going to my family doctor for an x-ray or MRI.  I went this morning and my goodness did he push on nerves that hurt so bad and felt so good!  I told him how it has been hurting to drive lately too and that I am kind of dreading the 4-hour drive north for Thanksgiving.  He laughed and said I better come back Wednesday for another adjustment.  And I am!!

I felt good after leaving, I hope it continues to do better and I can avoid the MRI or dare I say ANY and EVERY kind of surgery that the article speaks of.

Until the next time.....

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The Skinny on Staci said...

I know three people right now who had back surgery, and each one of them then needed ANOTHER back surgery. They all three say it wasn't worth it because now they still hurt and the surgeries are pretty much "required" because of the first surgery.

I had my sciatic nerve compressed bilaterally when delivering baby #4. I was wheel chair bound for 3 months and then on a walker! They didn't even know if it would heal completely. Thank the Lord it did! Since then, though, I will have times when I start to bend over at the waist and a sciatic pain shoots down my leg. Ugh. Hurts so bad!!! I hope you get relief!

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