Monday, October 19, 2015

Randoms from MEA...up north with the kiddos!

I swear I need to get my eyes checked.  Actually I should be scheduling an appointment right now rather than blogging but priorities right?!  Can you believe I had to make the picture THIS large in order to see the kids?  Any smaller and I could barely tell which kid was sitting where.

So the pictures on the top and bottom ~ respectively~ are of my girls with two of their cousins who happen to be sisters too.  They had a blast hanging out together!!!

Being silly.
Nuff Said!

And this happened on the way home.  Kenz drove the first hour home....and I was relaxed.  I don't know which is more amazing...her driving on the highway or me being relaxed during the ride.  (Yea, probably me ;-)  

And then you have Owen.  This is his typical look after a weekend with his "boy" cousins.  Complete and utter exhaustion.  I am beginning to think it is simply a sign of a "great weekend" when the first thing they do while driving out of town is recline their chair and position their blanket and pillows accordingly.

That's about it...Monday was back to school and work.  Dare I say I am kind of getting the hang of this thing people call "full time work".   And simply the routine of my day and my kids at the preschool.  Whew...only took about 7 weeks ~ I wonder if that is a good sign or a bad one?  ha!

Til later....keep being the best being you can be.

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Alissa A Journey to Thin said...

It always takes a while to get used to a job. It seems like it takes me about 3 months to really feel comfortable.

Love all the pics!

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