Monday, October 5, 2015

Random Homecoming in pics

 Makenzie and her friend wearing their Sophomore White decorated pants ....
 At the beginning of the football game....
standing with the other sophomore kids sporting their white.

Finally, dress up time...
 Kenzie and some of her girlfriends went boys needed for these girls to have a great time.  Although, from the talk after the dance it sounds like there were plenty of boys around.  ;-)

And if that wasn't enough entertainment for one week the cross country team also volunteered at our local Twin Cities Marathon.  It was a chilly start at 9AM when we arrived but by 12:30PM it was warm and sunny.  I thoroughly enjoyed EVERY MINUTE of this day.  I was pumped up to get in shape again, start running maybe, and simply eat better.

Kenzie in the middle with her coach and friend.

As we were leaving I was definitely feeling hungry.  The Piper Jaffrey group that sponsored Mile 24 water station/powerade was more than generous with the spread of bagels, granola bars, fruit, candy, coffee, and water of course.  I needed something and I chose an apple and nectarine.  I KNOW RIGHT???  WHO AM I????

Since, when do I NOT pick the candy??

I guess the runners did a number on my head like I said.

Sadly, it lasted for only about an hour.  By the time we got home I was craving sugar and didn't stop until I got.  (Bad grammar but oh so true!)

And huge disruptions by Black Lives Matter group.  There was a smallish protest going on but they listened to the warnings from the authorities and DID NOT intervene with the marathon at all.

All were safe!

All lives matter!




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