Friday, October 9, 2015

1 picture and many updates....

Ayla is adorable ~ can't believe I haven't seen her in person or held her yet.

Next week is MEA around here which means Thursday and Friday are "off" days for me and my kiddos.  We are getting up early and heading straight north to spend some time with the little one below, other cousins, and g&g. Sorry hubby has to work and some one has to take care of the animals...secretly I think he is excited for some "alone time" while we are absent.

Other Updates:

HUBBY: On his 50th he said he wanted to "get in shape" so he signed up for the Monster Dash Half Marathon and figured 4 months was plenty of time to prepare for and finish that length of a run.  If he never pulled a calf muscle, a hamstring, had another calf issue, then had to put up with a lot of rain (so he couldn't run outside and only ran inside a little) and now he has been battling a pulled groin then maybe he could run on October 31.  Although due to the previous listed ailments  he is 99.9% sure he will not be running the HALF Marathon.  ;-(

I asked him if he would walk it and he didn't think he could do that either.

Sidenote: I haven't worked out in a month (since the new job and busy life).  Today I walked 4 miles.  S.L.O.W.L.Y. ~ Hmmm, I am contemplating walking the race in his place.  ???

ME: Guess I just highlighted what I have been up to too.  Working. Running with kids to sports. Eating and my FIRST cold of the season.  But today I walked so friends things are a changing.

COLEY:  The girl that graduated last spring and is now attending a local community college and is doing well.  She has worked at a senior living campus for a year and a half~it was her first job and she did marvelous.  Now she needs more and specifically more money.  (She has a love of going to concerts she needs more money in order to do so) **After a month of phone calls and texts she is now the newest employee at a local Perkins. **

Can you say TIP MONEY?!  WooHoo!!

KENZIE:  That lucky girl is on day 5 of her FIRST cold of the season.  She is coming to the end of her cross country season and she is working hard in school.  All that and having a close relationship with her Instagram/Twitter/You Tube apps. on her phone and she is a busy girl.  She had fun at homecoming with her girlfriends and is looking forward to MEA break.

OWEN:  What can I say about a 7th grade boy?  He has his last cross country meet on Monday and then a pizza party after.  He is looking forward to his first year with high school boys' swim team and he still swims for a local club team.  Fun, Fun.

When not swimming he is on his iPad or watching TV unfortunately.  Its such a hard habit to break.  Any young persons out there reading??? My old mom advice to you would be....."Set strict limits on technology time"....they will not become hooked and won't know any better if they never get started with it.

It's not that its out of my control BECAUSE I am definitely in control, but I admit I get lazy.  I too get tired.  I too want to check emails, Instagram, Twitter and when any of those above things happen the boy is smiling from ear to ear knowing I won't say a word about HIS techy issues.

As the saying goes, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!"

Everything in moderation and nothing is out of our control.  When we want to be in control, of course.  

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