Saturday, September 26, 2015

What? Another weekend involving a Cross Country meet??? Tis the Season right...

This weekend the CC team ran the Griak at the University of Minnesota.  The Griak is made up of college and high school teams.   These teams come from all over....last year's winning high school girl team came from California!! Most of the teams this year were from the surrounding state high schools or colleges for some reason.

As a team our girls haven't participated in this race for years ~ if at all actually.  I know some year's one or two girls who were that much better than the rest would go down with a coach or two but NOT the entire team.

They always have two divisions for the high school teams.  The so called "larger schools/better" teams run the Gold race. And the "smaller schools" run the Maroon race.  Both races are 5k in length.  Last year our boys high school team WON the Maroon race.  We weren't really sure why the coach signed them up to run the Maroon race because most of the teams that we normally run against were running the Gold race, but whatever they ran it and they won it!  That was amazing!! I mean there may be up to 50 teams running so to be a top three team is a great achievement but to win is brag worthy.  ha!

Our coach signed our girls up to run the Gold race.  Harder yes.  Maybe he thought it would push them more?  Maybe he thought they were up to the challenge?  Whatever he thought we don't know but, they gave it their all and did their best!

This gopher welcomed us onto the U of MN golf course ~ home of the Griak.

The girls getting a little photo time before heading to the "gate" for warm up run outs, checks, and the like.  Nerves must be at a high at this point so any distraction is a good thing!  Kenzie is second on the left....

Well the day did not disappoint.  It was HOT for a September day especially the last September Saturday of the month.  It was hilly.  Up and down hills no matter the height of the hill can do a number on any runner and it kind of did a number on some of ours and on a lot of others.  Booooo....

We witnessed many kids getting sick.  We saw a bunch drop out and having to be helped back to the medical tent.  And we saw some them seriously looked like they were going to faint ~ swaying, falling,  crawling, and then up and running....I almost thought they were drunk!  (ha! I didn't but it kind of looked like that)

The course definitely made you work for the win.  There were no gimmies here.  It was hot.  It was hard.  It was a 5k and some are still just getting use to running that distance at a race pace....our girls ended up in 30th place out of 50.  The boys got 2nd!!!! Amazing!  Our boys are running their butts off and the work they have done to get to this level is definitely giving them great results.

At a beginning point I thought I was videoing the girls as they ran past.
I was so surprised when I looked back later to see that there was NO video at all from the beginning point and only to find this lone picture.

The funny thing??

The girl in the green uniform on the top left "Irish" happens to be a good friend of ours.  She goes to our church and is the same age as Kenzie.  They are good friends.  Go figure!  Of all, the pictures I could have gotten I got one of her!! Some things are God initiated for sure!

Well, that's about it!

We are was a long, sunny, fun, and exhausting kind of day.

Hard to believe October is right around the corner.....

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Alissa A Journey to Thin said...

Don't you hate it when you think you're taking a video only to find out you weren't? At least you got a good picture!