Friday, September 4, 2015

Just some things that kind of explain me lately...

The older I get I am surprised by people my age....
either they get all out and about more often attending concerts, clubs or other activities 
or they are like 
and the cat in the picture below.

Who are you more like?

Read the black box below and know in my house 
this is how I roll!

I am a preschool assistant teacher.

This week I made up my "All About Me" poster which we hang for the first week so the kids and their families can learn a little bit of stuff about their teachers.

Not sure what they will think of their teacher being a Disney Character, but seriously think about it!  Wearing a costume....having children WANT to line up and wait for hours to take a picture with you and they think you are AMAZING!!! Not a bad gig while working at one of the happiest places to be on earth.

Food.  Yes, friends FOOD has been a nightmare lately.  
My favorite food is ICE CREAM.
And sadly it is taking ALL my WILL POWER to NOT drive to the Dairy Queen and purchase a pumpkin pie blizzard.  

Did you know they are baaaack?

I need to unsubscribe to the DQ updates.  
I think it would be better if I did not know about their "special discount days"  ;-)

People take pictures and put them all over different websites these days.
Ever notice when certain people crop out certain parts of their body to maybe make them look thinner?  Ever notice that I don't post many pictures of my full body.

I am a pear people.
My weight goes to my hips/thighs/and butt.

Right now they are expanding.
Along with starting school, routines, and crock pot meals I will be starting to 
WATCH my food intake more closely and I really want to get back to regular exercise.

The roller coaster of life is fun.....I guess that's why I am on a continuous ride!

Happy LONG weekend..

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