Thursday, September 17, 2015

Celebrating 20 years with a Leiny beer tour......

20 years?  20 YEARS! Seriously, who would have ever thought that I ~ YES I! ~ would be married for 20 years.....hubs is a saint and I am very tolerant.  ha!  Really though September 9 was our 20 wedding Anniversary and we planned a night away in Chippewa Falls to do one of our favorite things........................drink beer!!! What were you thinking people? ha!

Chippewa Falls, WI is home to the Leinenkugel Brewery.  We happen to thoroughly enjoy drinking a Leiny and have enjoyed going to many craft tap rooms around Minneapolis this summer, so why not tour one in WI too?

The beer was wonderful!! Did you know they make some beer that is sold ONLY in WI?  And did you know they sell beer and liquor at gas stations?  Crazy....we do not sell alcohol at gas stations in MN.  On occasion certain stations will carry 3.2% beer....but not the "real" hard stuff.  ;-) Guess where we stopped before leaving WI?  A gas station for beer of course.  We are cool like that! Sunday morning and people are buying coffee, papers, eggs and there we were hands full of 6-packs to go.

Inside the Leiny store/tap room

 Taking a selfie because its what tourist do best.

 Taking individual pics would be a runner up to selfies.

 What a gorgeous day we had!! 
Heading outside to get inside the brewery...

We were not allowed to take any pictures inside ~ while on the tour ~ so no pics there. ;-( However,   we did receive coupons to many local bars for $1 off Leinenkugel beers .....we didn't have a coupon for The Ghost Pub, but I had to stop to see if we would have an encounter with a ghost while in WI.

 The closest I got to a ghost was the one you see above the building.  We were given a tour in the basement of the Ghost Pub where the past owner was stabbed to death by a drunk patron.  Woooooooooo....supposedly his spirit lives in the basement still~ hence the name.  It was a dirty basement but probably not even suitable for a ghost to live in.  ha!

After drinking and drinking....we thought we should get a little something to eat.  You know the saying, "When in Rome..."...well, "When in Wisconsin" we figured we should eat cheese.  Cheese curds and cheesy nachos...equals only one thing.

Heart burn and an upset stomach!  UGH!! We shouldn't not have ordered this mess....

Next day.  Stomach feels better. We took a swim.  Ate our continental breakfast and even drove to a very small apple orchard.  It was a lot of fun to get away but honestly we kind of missed the kids.  We are weird.  We are looking forward to our 3rd trip to Disney with the family over Christmas, sure Disney may not have a tap room but they do have EPCOT and many countries to "tap" into.

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Kim said...

Happy anniversary!!! Looks like y'all had fun!

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