Saturday, September 19, 2015

Bucket list disappointment.......ha!

Ya know that bucket list some of you have?  I personally have never made one, but over the summer I did think it would be fun to ............get my picture taken with our mayor.  I know, I know, its not like others who say they want to run a marathon in every state or want to go skydiving, tight rope walking, or even take a trip to the moon (ha! I bet somebody has that written down on some could happen right??) Nope, nothing fancy here; just a picture with the mayor.

He kind of had a lot of fun with it over the summer!  It seemed that every where he went people wanted to take a selfie with him and then they would post the pic on Twitter or Instagram. Well, I guess I wanted to be part of that train ride too....or train wreck?

Needless to say it didn't work out.

Not really a "sad face" moment ~ more like a "thumbs down" ~ because I just never went to the same city events that he attended or I simply got there after he had already come and gone.

But I survived. 

Then a couple of days ago my friend told me he was coming to our Cross Country "home" meet.

What???!!! Can you believe the first thing that crossed my mind was, "Finally, I can get my picture!".  And he announced he will be running for a Senate seat next year so not only can I say I got my pic with our mayor but our soon to be Senator too.

Owen, Mayor Matt Little, and me.

(why then was it a disappointment?)

We all know we can take good pictures and we can take bad pictures.....This has got to be one of my WORSE pictures of all time!!!  I mean SERIOUSLY? I am sporting my "Course marshal" neon lovely hair is falling out (but only on one side) and I guess I am storing nuts for the winter in my cheeks.  Treats, sweets and BEER OH MY! It sometimes takes seeing a photo of yourself to realize one may have just indulged in one OR two too many over the course of the summer.   


But because it is reality and I like to keep things real around here I had to post it and share my photo anyway.   

Have you shared any "bad" photos just because "Reality sucks?!" ha!

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Alissa A Journey to Thin said...

This is the perfect example of how we are more critical of ourselves than other people are of us.

I looked at this picture and thought- she looks pretty, as always! I think you look great! It's a fun picture.

Your mayor looks really young!

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