Sunday, August 30, 2015

MN State Fair....Eh? May not need to go back for a few years....

Once again I realized my perspective changes the older I get.  

Years ago when the girls were younger we wouldn't miss a chance to go to the fair.  The girls loved the rides.  We enjoyed the deep fried EVERYTHING.  And I feel like I spent hours listening to men and women try to sell items right in front of me as they made salsa's with the best chopper around, or cleaned the rust of the ugliest light, I was amazed but rarely could I part with the money to take anything home.  

Cheap.  Yep, that's one thing that hasn't changed.  Still cheap. 

Oldest daughter had to work and couldn't get out of her shift so it was just the four of us.  Which worked out OK when we decided to take the SKY RIDE across the park ~ 2 per cart was perfect! 

 A picture of both of us just getting ready ....

 A view from above but this was NOT the highest point of the ride.  I couldn't take a picture at that point because I had to hang on to the inside of the ride...nervous?  Maybe just a little.  ha!

 The boys decided they would tackle the GIANT SLIDE.
Actually Owen really wanted to do it and Cary was the chosen one to go along.
 Both finished with smiles...

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the MINI-DONUT BEER Yum, Yum, Yum...kind of wish I had one right now, but they only sell the "Special Beer" at the fair.  Bwahahha!! We ate some traditional fair food but nothing crazy and no overloading.  We are not the typical fair goers for sure.

I actually thought about getting a hamburger on the way home because I wanted something "good" and not sweet ~ like the beer.  I think hubby thought I was nuts and we never stopped.  I know we were exhausted by the time we got home and the only thing on our minds was sleep.

I didn't get to sleep at my usual 9:30 Friday or Saturday night and then I worked ALL DAY at the Y today and its safe to say, "I am crabby, tired, and feel like crying???!!"  Funny~ when I went driving with my daughter tonight she got upset with me at one point and pretty much said the same thing.

Although her comment went more like, "I am so mad at you right now I want to run off and cry or kind of get in an accident and punch you" Well, I guess I know where she gets those crazy thoughts from.  ha!

Guess what else is new around here????

After a YEAR of no CABLE...and only using rabbit ears to kind of get about 12 TV channels...hubby had had enough!! As of right now we have cable again.  Can you guess where the family is??? Lets just say they are not reading, writing, or in their beds.........its kind of a sad, sad day.

Know what else is SAD?  Only one week until school starts again.  And that means the first time in years that I will be working 4 full days a week!! Preschool teaching here I come....scared? nervous? tired already? excited? yes, yes, and YES!

Tomorrow I get my hair highlighted!  If that doesn't make every girl happy I don't know what does.  I mean you know any one who does NOT enjoy going to the salon to get highlights, a hair cut, a head massage and a style?  If you do know someone who doesn't like to do that I think its time they find a new hair stylist.  ;-)

Have a great day people!! 

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