Sunday, July 5, 2015

What "I AM NOT" doing.....

I am not trying to see if I have any thing in my nose........

(I am proving to my daughter that I came home from the Mall Of America with my neck still attached to my body since she warned me that Isis may attack the mall and you know what they do....)

I am not watching the fireworks (last night) or staying up til midnight.....surprised? I doubt it.....I AM enjoying a Happy July 4th to me with my special grapefruit loves....and then I went to bed by 9:30. 

I am smiling because Owen seems to be hanging on for dear life (both hands secure) and I am laughing knowing they are being pulled by grandpa's pontoon and it only goes about 20 mph.

I am NOT jealous....

I am NOT proud of these photos and my skills at taking a picture off my phone...
 All the cousins hanging out on grandpa's deck seats above and some of the same crew enjoying pizza at Zorbaz.  
I am not sure but I think the boys are sad because I am not there....

And I am NOT cleaning out the shed like I sooo planned to do over the weekend.  


Because I am lazy.
Because it is almost 87 degrees with humidity and I don't like that.
Because I am sure it can wait until another day.
because I would rather enjoy the last hours in a quiet house than be outside with a barking dog!!

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