Friday, July 10, 2015

WHO am I????

I am making pancakes in the shape of a flower and sprinkling them in bananas and peanut butter while drizzled with syrup....the boy just got home from swimming for 90 minutes and he still couldn't finish this plate....why can't I have his stomach to tell me I've had enough BEFORE my plate is empty?

I wouldn't dare.

I am (with the help of my family of course) dog sitting for the next 5 days.
Rudy, the wiener ~ or winner since he is the male and the other two are females, is ours and the other two are the "guests".  The first few hours had a few "getting to know who is boss" barks and yelps but after the first night I would say Rudy is boss and the girls are OK with that.

I AM ...Keeper of the water dishes.
It's hot and humid here and I have three water dishes placed around the kitchen/mud room...they know where they all are and all have been used at different times but for some reason as soon as they come in from outside they all want the same one.......whatever dogs...wait your turn I guess.

And I am bloated as a puffer fish....its monthly time ladies and the older I get the more bloated I get during this time...back aches more, body feels old...age is a wonderful thing!!

Enjoy your Friday!!

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