Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Random should be my middle name

Our week of dog sitting is over.  I cannot believe how fast this week went....really truly it felt like it flew by.  I guess having two extra dogs in the house is good for passing time.  This is just a moment and I say "moment" because there were very few moments that the three of them actually sat still in this moment I happen to have my phone and captured it. 

Over the weekend Owen had another swim meet and it was at our FAVORITE venue!!! The U of MN!! It is so fun for the kids to swim here and the parents to watch.  I really cannot say anything bad about the experience.....and having Owen say his quick prayer before each of his events is just precious.  LOVE.THAT.BOY!

And just in case the graduate thought she was taking the back seat to the dogs....she once again did something to gain some attention.  She and her friend "went to the mall" the other day.   Did you know that "The Mall" can also mean "A tattoo parlor?".  I did not.  (ha!) But I am not surprised ~ she has talked of getting a tattoo for about a year now....she turned 18 the end of May ....and she has her own money....put it all together and bam.....she now has 4-birds on her wrist.

 Birds in flight.
I kind of like it.
Glad she picked birds and not something worse....

I guess all this stuff just makes Kenzie tired.
And what do you know.....another moment the dogs stopped together.  
Believe me when I say ~ these moments were few and far between!!

And on other random news...we just got home from seeing the MINION movie....

I would give it a B-

Kind of funny
Kind of long
Kind of silly in a minion way
Kind of tolerable!

You be your judge ~ see if it you want.......

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