Tuesday, July 28, 2015

And then they ran.......the most unorganized 5k ever.

Today is going to be the best Tuesday, July 28th EVER!!!

And this run happened on the best Saturday, July 18th.....it may have been a great Saturday because there really aren't "bad" Saturdays right, but the race was not the best.  Sorry hate to burst the "Bubble Bash" bubble.  hahaha! ;-(

The three are proudly sporting their white t-shirts while secretly wishing they received the cool 10 mile sweat resistant ones instead.

 Well one photo wasn't enough right?!
 And a family selfie too....

Then the color fun happened.  By fun I mean lets open the packets and throw it on each other.  Hmmm? Fun but low key.  There were no rockets that shot out the color.  (That we learned is for the Color Run only) There were no color packets being thrown through out the race.  We were given the powder and then said to "have fun"....they did!

Unfortunately, they changed the 5k route and since we assumed it would be the same route as the past 5 years we didn't take time to check.  The route was NOT marked well.  Some/most of the arrows drawn on the road ended up being COVERED up by the cars that were in the road.  Kid and parent runners alike did not know which way to turn.  Frustration building....making the "fun run" not so fun when you don't know where to run.

 They finally made it back....they received the participation medals and Owen was the only one who went back to "play" in the bubbles.  Although, he did so because I told him that I needed a picture of him by the bubbles since it was called a "Bubble Bash".  

And seriously, look at this sad little bubbles.....

Anyone remember the "Suds Run" I did about 3 years ago??

Now we are talking bubbles!!! 
I guess when beer is involved they give you more bubbles knowing how much adults enjoy their suds.


Alissa A Journey to Thin said...

That is horrible! haha Don't you hate spending money for something like that and it turns out to be a disappointment?

I ran a Biggest Loser 5K once and while it was my favorite race to date, it was poorly planned. There were so many people and part of the race was on a trail that was not nearly wide enough for all of the people. So basically you couldn't get ahead of the slower ones and you were stuck.

SlimExpectations said...

Seems, like a fun run even though it was not well organised :)

(sorry, staying in India we only have normal 5k etc..that too nothing like the USA)

The Skinny on Staci said...

What a great family picture! Nice looking bunch! :) I would kill myself running in bubbles anyway. The less the better for me. Haha

She did it and then I did it again.....

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