Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A couple of pics I received through text lately...

 Kenzie and her friend in what appears to be their room while on the mission trip...I think the smiles mean they are having fun!!

 What is this??
Have you seen these?
The NEW single "golf cart" vehicle that will be available to rent at a golf course near to you soon.  Hubby got lucky to try one out at the Edina golf Course recently (the front plastic thingy is where you would put your clubs) ...he thought it was fun and would speed up play but not sure he would use one.

One photo I received of the van load of kids a few hours into their trip Sunday morning...I guess the 4:30 AM wake up call was a tad early for most of the teens.  ha!

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Alissa A Journey to Thin said...

hahaha that last pic is too funny. :)

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